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„Anders sein“ was John T. Jefferson’s way to come to terms with drastic changes in his life. At the time none of the existing projects deemed fit musically for those very personal lyrics of anger and grief, instead John T. Jefferson created Stoersignal 3 .

In 2007 John T. gained recognition at Amphi Festival with his “Leitbild”-EP containing a cover version of “Ein Leitbild (Geburt einer Nation)” and other selected tracks and remixes of Jefferson’s various projects.



Störsignal 3 - Ein Leitbild


   Ein Leitbild (Geburt einer Nation)


   NGR-CD-017 [EP-CD]




   1. Ein Leitbild (Geburt einer Nation)

      by Störsignal 3

   2. Anders sein

      by Störsignal 3

   3. The dream  [Frozen Time Version]

      by The [MEYTA]

   4. Das Demo [Club Cut]

      by A Spiteful Silence

   5. toNbremse

      by Sonic Replication

   6. Der Schrei [Silent Scream]

      by Das Ich

      Remix: Sonic Replication

   7. Dunkelkammer [Die S/W Version]

      by Golem 101

      Remix: Sonic Replication


By the start of 2008 he had enough lyrics to produce an album. To gain the maximum promotion-effect he set himself a deadline: the CD “Im Enddefekt…”, the first part of a trilogy, had to be finished by summer of the same year for the Amphi Festival.

Said and done, the CD became a success at the festival in 2008 and 2009.



Störsignal 3 - "Im Enddefekt ..."


   "Im Enddefekt ..."


   NGR-CD-018 [CD]



   1. Das Störsignal

   2. Anders sein [Andere Version]

   3. Zersplittertes Leben

   4. Tote Texte

   5. Lauf weg

   6. Life goes in circles

   7. Funkelndes Juwel

   8. Die Maschine

   9. Feuer!

 10. Black angel



  Stoersignal 3 also took part in “Battle of the bands”, a competition run by music magazine Sonic Seducer, and after all gained a respectable 16th position with “Anders sein”.


Cold hands seduction Volume 89



   Cold Hands Seduction Volume 89

   including mp3 of:


   Anders sein [Andere Version]


  It took longer than expected to start the work to the trilogy’s next sequel. However the production of the third part “…: Das Leben ist ein Schlächter Witz!” is now in full swing.


Sorry! No Cover available!


   "...: Das Leben ist ein Schlächter Witz!"



   More information: in progress


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