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After having listened to Stoersignal 3’s Leitbild–EP in 2007 Carsten Gruenewald of Céleste Noir was keen on a collaboration with John T. Jefferson. The latter agreed and sent Carsten the instrumental production of an old A Spiteful Silence track which had never been realised. The Céleste Noir-frontman delivered the lyrics to the track “Rise” and marked the birth of Analogsympathisant.



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   Rise [2007]


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At the end of 2009 they finally started their work on Bewegexemplar. To make Analogsympathisant stand out from other productions John T. Jefferson didn’t want Carsten to be the lone main singer and songwriter and invited other guest singers. Therefore alongside him you can also hear the german-scottish singer/songwriter Ellissay and tenor Peter Over.

After its release July 24th 2010 Bewegexemplar made it onto Deutsche Alternative Charts’ (DAC) list of new releases. The track “Too much (is not enough)” became a clubhit.


Analogsympathisant - Bewegexemplar




   TFN-CD-019 [EP-CD]




   1. A ... wie Analog

   2. electric visions

   3. rise [Auch mAl Anders]

   4. wAnt

   5. monochrome memories (feAt. ellissAy)

   6. too much (is not enough)

   7. verleih uns frieden (feAt. peter over)

   8. A ... wie Am ende


The album Die verdammten Sympathisanten are planned next. Guests Ellissay and GeistReich will be joining Analogsympathisant for the latter production.


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   Die verdammten Sympathisanten



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